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Club Penguin has released a new field ops mission! This Field Ops mission is to try and break through the Club Penguin Times. Club Penguin Cheats has a full tutorial on how to complete this Field Ops.

Click on your spy phone.

Go to the EPF headquarters room.

Go to the Field Ops screen.

Club Penguin Field Ops #49 Cheats

Gary will have a short message on what this mission is about. Press “Accept” after you have read it.

Club Penguin Field Ops #49 Cheats

Now, go to the Plaza.

Enter the Cave by climbing down the latter in the canal.

Enter the door to the Boiler Room.

Stand to the left of the cabinet. Your spy phone should blink green.

Club Penguin Field Ops #49 Cheats

Click on your spy phone.

Start your Field Ops!

This Field Ops requires you to make the rectangle on the bottom fall with the same color on the top. You can move the bottom rectangle with your arrow keys. Remember agents, the game starts moving faster every time!

Congratulations! You have received your medal.

How hard was this Field Ops? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Purplyicy


    • ZUNK

      please go to

  • Siricey

    I’d say it was mildly hard.

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    1)post this on 2 different pages on here.
    2)press F3,F6,F7
    3)LOG ONTO Club penguin
    4)press F3 five times
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  • Silver3590

    I always lose at this field opp.

  • clala1688

    it was easy i win when it was the first time

  • Chrisdog93

    Well done people!

    • Clala1688

      Tnx Chrisdog93 :) i was looking for this cheat about field ops but only your website has this kinda cheat :))