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Club Penguin Blog: New Test Server on Beta Team!

Club Penguin has made a new blog post and it is about a new system, which has been put on the Beta Team. People in the past asked Club Penguin to make chatting easier, because the chat filters always got in the way. More information is below.

Club Penguin has added these new features to the chat system,

  • Suggested words over the Chat Bar
  • You will be able to click the suggested words and they will be added directly to the chat.
  • Over 300,000 phrasas in the chat!

Club Penguin says many things that are on the Club Penguin you play may not work correctly, such as the newspaper, games, and more.

You access the Beta Team, go to Club Penguin’s Community Blog and Billybob has put a link in the latest post about the new Test Server on the Beta Team.

Start using the new chat today! A picture is below.

Do you like this new chat system? Leave a comment to let us know!

11 comments to Club Penguin Blog: New Test Server on Beta Team!

  • 11 thpenguin

    How can I add cheats to this website?

  • gggarrett

    SO AWESOME!! OMG i also had a look at the test servers, well at least attempted

  • gggarrett

    I DID IT!!!

  • wadle 456

    i typed random and it suggested awesome hair dude oO

  • ?

    hi peeps im having a party at my friends igloo later plz go it rox she is called lazylily1234

    • Purpleme1925

      What time? Please tell me what time in cp time. Just in case we are in different time zones.

  • madandmum09

    I am in the Beta Team but how do you go onto the game so you can talk? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

  • baby56785

    it looks awesome! but one q: when he type Hello it suggested the same word. will we have to deal with that? just wondering

  • princesskc7

    Cool, but I was trying to type “this is cool” but made a typo and accidently said “ty” Some stuff popped up for the suggestions like just “ty” then I tried to type something else, but all i could say was “ty”. Please help!! I don’t want this to happen to me when i’m talking to my friends!! D’X

  • cisco99

    hey guys the test servers rock but i did sompthing awesome on it
    all i did was
    typed rockhoppers user and a random word for his pass then it logged in
    to rockhopper yay
    P.S this only works on the test servers

  • ian

    Why does it always say not responding!!!!

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