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Today, my friend A11766 told me about an exclusive he found. This exclusive involved the Golden Puffle and the recent Club Penguin Behind The Scenes video. You may already know about a Golden Puffle Card Jitsu card, here is a picture:

Club Penguin Golden Puffle Exclusive

The text reads:

“Such a popular myth, they made a stage play about it. Does this puffle really live under the berg?”

In the Club Penguin Behind the Scenes Video, there was a section at the start which referenced to “under the berg”. Here is a picture:

Club Penguin Golden Puffle Exclusive

So do you think that we will really tip the iceberg and find out what is underneath? Will we find a real living Golden Puffle? Thanks again to A11766.

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  • Gumdealer

    1.Well actually thats not quite true 1.Rockhopper cant be the director because directors shadow DOESN’T show a beard or a hat

    2.I think it could have been a Unknown penguin because there has to be alot more agents.

  • sosie 8

    i have been trying to tip the iceberg but nobody belives me pls help!!

    • http://clubpenguin Lyseclipse

      The only way you can possibly tip the iceberg, is drill at the bottom right corner (twenty need to do this) and then it will hopefully tip. Now, when you do this, will have a golden puffle!

    • Candanceyuko

      Don’t be rash. It’s actually during the Underwater Party 2012. In that party,we will discover what’s underneath the Iceberg. You should be happy. Only available to members,though. Doesn’t matter…I’m getting my membership in 7 days. Yippee!!! :D

  • yoni

    Aunt Arctic is the Director