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Today I found some Club Penguin Shadow Ninja exclusives! The Shadow Ninja may be for the middle part of the amulet. Here are the exclusives:

Club Penguin Shadow Ninja Items Exclusive

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  • http://clubpenguincp zander6924

    how do you get the exclusive??

  • lfc cfl

    that looks awsome it might be the middle but there is all ready a gem there
    there should be snow ninja first

  • Noone

    ‘-’ You ruined all the exitment and waiting -.-”

  • clone3334

    how do i get the shadow coustume

  • theelf3

    we need the snow ninja first. but on the board game on a future post it shows snow. apparently they are going to release it before the game.

  • http://clubpenguin Jony8853

    To go in the shadow dojo need to complet the amulet and go in the ninja hideout and sing a misterious melody at gongs you make this a middle stone amulets Ninja Hideout will rise and will be a door leading shadow dojo book

    • Sonicxtreme7

      DANG MAN thats what you should do to get to the shadow dojo

  • http://CP sental1

    this will be available in the martial artworks catalog so its money and u dont need to earn the costume!

  • http://CP sental1

    also its probably a rock ninja?

  • http://logan3453 penguin64572

    have you ever noticed that the fire dojo is the volcano on the right of the dojo and the water dojo is the waterfall near the volcano then what is cloud for maybe thats it

  • ironmite1

    I know how to get shadow ninja costume

    • whoami2

      omg how!

  • whoami2

    i think that once we beat ice maeby somehow the center of the gem will rise out and lead us to the shadow dojo where we have to get the cloths to earn the last peice of the amulet

    just a theary :)

  • lillemand5

    how get shado ninja set?(:

  • snake bit

    how do you get it

  • Yorumi

    Shadow ninja exclusive can be obtained by joine a CPPS (Club penguin private server) and saying the 4 codes. Just search “CPPS Shadow Ninja IDs” on google and you will have your answer.