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Club Penguin 2011 Emerald Viking Helmet Exclusive

While I was searching through the new Club Penguin swf’s I saw that Club penguin added a Emerald Viking Helmet. To earn this item you will have to redeem a special code. These codes are different from the ones you can buy at any  store they sell them at. To obtain this specific item you will have to get a special code by attending real life Club Penguin events , or either by touring around their office that is located in Kewlona, Canada!

Take a look:


This is not the first time Club Penguin has had codes for an exclusive item. There has been a Rockhopper & Bambadee Background as well as the Disney Castle Pin. Also, the code is sent on a postcard through the mail.

Here is the background.

The background is awesome! You can only get it from the special coin codes Rockhopper and Bambadee give out in Disney.



16 comments to Club Penguin 2011 Emerald Viking Helmet Exclusive

  • cool

  • jaydenolivo9

    cool could someone give me that coin but how do you get the coin when you go to a live club penguin event?

  • Manfire3

    I wanna get it but i live in CA! :(

    • legomaker00

      me too but where r real life club penguin events

      • Chrisdog93

        The events are in kewlona, canada where the club penguin office is.
        W A D D L E O N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • person12345

      Me too, but im planning a trip to florida. well its not for sure yet, but i realy want to go =)

    • Yellow 48

      I live in Canada (doesnt CA stand for Canada?) AND I WANT TO GO TO NEW YORK AND DISNEY WORLD!

  • Beaker15000

    God Bless everyone, even Dallas Mavericks :)

  • Mojo10059

    I want the Rockhopper and Bambadee background and the disney castle pin
    But i live in AUS so I can’t get it.

  • I live in England newcastle so I can’t :.(

    Also Plz can u visit my site and comment it’s

  • Dashbond1

    What Do You Meen About The Postard Being Sent To You

  • Mcicle

    COOL we are going to orlando florida this october! I can get my picutre with Rochhopper so I can get the background and disney pin!

  • I really wish I could meet a member of the club penguin staff. Please visit my new website and also comment thanks!

  • i live in AZ so i can’t get it wants backround and castle pin =[ p.s i want to meet the club penguin staff like chris dog and people like that and thats all!

  • katie603

    swf are what

  • Mango Smango

    Does anyone know HOW to get the pin and background in Disney World???? Are rockhopper and bambadee always there????? I went to disney world and I diddint get them!

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