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Club Penguin Herbert Attacks The EPF

Today, something has happened to the Everyday Phoning Facility building. It looks like It’s under-attack by Herbert P Bear! Here’s a photo of the attack:

Everyday Phoning Facility:

If you climb up the ladder you’ll be at the “Sleigh”.

Wow what a disaster! I can’t believe Herbert would do this! Leave your comments on what you think of this.

108 comments to Club Penguin Herbert Attacks The EPF

  • 12rockstar 25

    WHATS WRONG WITH THE MINE SHACK!??????!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!??!?!?!? ITS ALL WHITE

    • Yipppy

      ikr! That’s happened to me before except it wasn’t the mine shack. before it’s been the cove, a room in the medieval party, town, plaza, and the dojo. ?It’s really annoying and i hope CP fixes it!


  • 12rockstar25

    y am i only getting the yellow head???????????????????

  • 12rockstar25

    y am i only getting the yellow head??????????????????? help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oh no!!!!! all agents helps us!! lol ^_^

  • Member S Jenkins

    arent the heads for members only cause non members arent suppose to get them.i didnt have them either

  • Pinta Toys

    i cant get the hydra head at all when i touch it i press pick it up and i looke in the inventory its not there):

    • ectogreen1

      its in ur furniture inventory

    • To Pinta Toys,

      Your hydra head isn’t in your clothing inventory because it is a furniture item to put in your igloo. I have all three hydra heads in my igloo and they look great!!

      From Diybatman11

  • sure to check the users in room list instead of searching for him in the room. The users in room list is alphabetized and

  • Hey if somebody talk something bad on this site I may shut the site down so dont say anything bad and dont be rude and other I will keep watching every site like now watch out with your words like Spike4421! ~Billybob~

  • Roxyeen

    I’m a member and i don’t get the hydras or herbert talking =/

  • shanaya

    I got all the heads and im a member but i cant see them in my inventory!
    Anyone else have the same probb?

    • That’s because its a furniture item

    • vilim1

      i cant even start the game!!!

    • Tinawinaaa

      How did you get all of the heads I could only get the red one :(

  • I have defeated Herbert 2 times! After you defeat Herbert you get 3 medals and one a edge you can see an EPF Badge which you can get. When you defeat Herbert go somewhere else and go back then. You can see that he rebuilted the Hydro bot!!!!!!!! Well good luck defeating Herbert.

  • vilim1

    i cant see any hydras and i cant get herbert to talk and i cant hit the cauldron with a snowball what the heck is happening??????????????????????????????????????

  • SuperShaymin

    I can’t believe Herbert is doing that…

    …Wait, I can!

  • rockhoper

    rhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me matys i will come for one day

  • It dooes not work for me

  • Tomeck

    A pop up comes… Read what herbet says. And destroy herbet and klusty with snow balls


    • Towerofyikk

      But what do you do after you defeat the three Hydra heads?

  • dillyana3

    TO defeat the hydra.Youse snowballs and the gold shiled.Herbert shoud talk to you.Then you fight the hydras.After you get a Epf pin.(P.s,defeating the hydras is really hard.So,good luck agents. -D.D.

  • jeffbart21


    • jeffbart21

      MAKE THAT 6

  • Einherjer2

    i cant get any hydra heads! i beat him more than 3 times but it wont show up!

  • Agents,shadow ninjas have been apering arond!I thank that they might help herbert cause a blackout!So,we need to stop herbert from caseing a blackout! -D.D.

  • :)

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