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Club Penguin Puffle “Moves In” Glitch

Today my friend Slidoo showed me a new glitch. I decided to try this new glitch. I logged into Club Penguin, and bought the new In Half Igloo. Soon after I purchased this new igloo, I noticed my puffles were outside the igloo and on the wall! This is a new glitch with this igloo. Check it out below:

This is very odd, but it is actually quite funny. Club Penguin is full of glitches. What do you think about this glitch? Leave a comment below!

41 comments to Club Penguin Puffle “Moves In” Glitch

  • 123mysterio

    Me 2!

  • I saw that a long time ago and it’s not just for the split igloo. For example have your puffles in a split level then change it to a normal igloo.

  • Poppy6 2001

    I hv a in half igloo too!!!!!

  • ?????

    Its unfair because you can’t put posters on the middle wall in the in half igloo

  • It’s not new, it’s been around since the beginning of puffles moving igloos in Club Penguin.

  • petey517 (CPCP) mod

    that has been on it for a wile now like if u bought the two story ones wait for them to get up there then the small one everything igloo they start kinda flying

    • Danny92921

      i no.

  • Danny92921

    RAY TOOLBEAR LISTEN!I FOUND A NEW GLITCH!I went to my stampbook and it said i have 92/200 and i looked inside and i had ALL THE STAMPS!!!!!!!PS:Post this on this website.It is awsome!!!!

  • Danny92921

    Also Toolbear,I clicked on my buddys stampbook(Who has 110 stamps)Bjdiamond,and inside he had it all.I think its cool because know people think I met all the CP charicters!!!!!!

  • iceberg154

    how does he do that???????

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