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List Of Room Numbers You Can Login To Club Penguin!

Today, I found out something really amazing when you log into Club Penguin. If you check out this link,, it will log you into the Hidden Lake. This can be done with every other room! All you do is have to replace the ’814? with the room ID you want to start in! In the picture below, I will click on the link above, and end up at the Hidden Lake:

Here’s the list of room numbers you can login to:

Town: 100
Coffee Shop: 110
Book Room: 111
Dance Club: 120
Dance Lounge: 121
Gift Shop: 130
Plaza: 300
Pet Shop: 310
Pizza Parlour: 330
Stage: 340
Dojo: 320
Dojo Courtyard: 321
Ninja Hideout: 322
Fire Dojo: 812
Water Dojo: 816
Ski Village: 200
Ski Lodge: 220
Lodge Attic: 221
Mountain: 230
Snow Forts: 801
Stadium: 802
Boiler Room: 804
Dock: 800
Beach: 400
Lighthouse: 410
Lighthouse: 411
Forest: 809
EPF Room: 323
Cove: 810
Cave: 806
Mine: 808
Mine Shack: 807
Recycling Center: 122
Box Dimension: 811
Cave Mine: 813
Hidden Lake: 814
851: Glade
852: Wilderness 1
853: Wilderness 2
854: Wilderness 3
855: Wilderness 4
856: Wilderness 5
857: Wilderness 6
858: Wilderness 7
859: Wilderness Lost
860: Cliff
861: Shore
862: Bay
863: Brown Puffle Cave
899: Sleigh
420: Pirate Ship
421: Ship Hold
422: Captain’s Quatars
423: Crow’s Nest

Thanks Champ5000 for some of these! What do you think of this? This really cool, because when you have a party or something, you just put the ID number in the link and you will be in that room! What do you think of this?

*Note: You don’t get banned by doing this. And some of these room numbers work for Ninjas only, such as Ninja Hideout, Fire Dojo and Water Dojo. And some of these don’t work well.

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    what does it mean by wilderness 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,and lost?????

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