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Club Penguin How to get the Brown Puffle Cheats

If you complete the new Club Penguin wilderness test, you’ll be rewarded with an awesome new brown puffle! Well, I’m here to show you what this amazing little pet can do! First, click the catalog at the end of the maze to adopt one.

Now click adopt. You’ll be asked to name your puffle. You can name it Cocoa, Brownie, Chocolate, or anything you want! I named mine chocolate.

You will then get a postcard thanking you for adopting your puffle. Remember to take good care of your puffle or it will run away.

If you dance with this puffle, it will put on some goggles and start dancing with you!

He looks so cute! Now go to your igloo and stop walking him. Then, click his playercard and play with him.

He’ll take out a cool little plasma ball and start playing with it. Here’s what happens to his hair:

You can also feed it and watch it devour its food like it never had seen food in its life!

Have you seen it take a bath yet? It gets out a huge bath tub and looks around with a scope!


If you feed it a cookie, it will get out its laser grower and zap the cookie to make it grow!

What are your thoughts of these new puffles? They’re so cool! Make sure you leave a comment with your opinion!

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  • 17reagan

    do this- Push Ctrl+Alt+Delete while dancing on clubpenguin and now you have 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 coins unlimited lifetime mebership a beta hat (the pink and yellow one) you will get a rainbow puffle a golden puffle and finally you will be friends with all mas

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