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Club Penguin Santa Beard Glitch!

If you noticed on Club Penguin that the members Santa Beard was added in the wrong section in your inventory. It was added as a face item rather then a neck item.

Members Santa Beard in December 2010 Penguin Style Catalog:

Unlockable/Free Item Santa Beard in Neck Items:

Check out the cool glitches you can do now. You can wear your Santa Beard and another neck item.

This is a very simple glitch to fix. All they need to do is go into there item files and edit the category Face to Neck. Maybe, I should work for Club Penguin fixing there bugs.

6 comments to Club Penguin Santa Beard Glitch!

  • Me and hankook already posted this on forums

  • cheat computer

    Indeed. You need to work for clubpenguin but then you will haft to shut down this website if you did!! And yay im second comment!

  • Lee Lo Mei

    3rd comment! 😀

  • Cool


    I like it

  • Bug Buster

    It’s not a bug. I asked CP why but then they said its there so you could wear scarfs and stuff. But the free one is still a neck item. ???? how strange

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