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New Club Penguin Elite Gear

Today, along with Field Ops 22, a new set of Club Penguin Elite Gear has been released! This new set is called “Comm”. This gear includes a Helmet,  Sat-Pack, Comm Gear, and Boots. Check out the new Club Penguin Elite Gear:

What do you think about the new Elite Gear? Do you plan on saving up your medals for any Elite Gear? Comment and share your thoughts!

35 comments to New Club Penguin Elite Gear

  • must get everything its socool

  • ok weird there is one more if you go by the machine in the disco the cd then your phone will ring

  • thisssssssss issssssssss sooooooooooo coollllllllllllllllllll

  • i still dont know how to get elite gear

  • person123

    how do u get the elite gear u just showed us what it is not how to get the gear?

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