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Here is a little guide some of the Game Day Stamps:

Step 1. Set Up WiFi to your Nintendo Wii.
Step 2. Log in with your online Club Penguin Account
Step 3. Play games in rooms and earn coins.
Step 4. Conquer rooms to complete the team color.
Step 5. Buy All Items To Earn the Collector Stamps.

Club Penguin How To Earn Game Day Stamps!

Step 6. Once conquering islands. You will earn a stamp for each team.

Club Penguin How To Earn Game Day Stamps!

Step 7. Feed the white puffle in Puffle Feeder, to earn the white puffle stamp. (It only appears once in the game).

Club Penguin How To Earn Game Day Stamps!

Most of the other stamps require you to play with your family and transferring your saved penguin to someone else’s Wii. Club Penguin encourages your friends to buy a Wii and buy the new Game day.

Club Penguin How To Earn Game Day Stamps!

It really stinks that Club Penguin brought the items from the Exclusive Catalog in the game to regular Club Penguin. I was hoping it would become really rare and limited. Club Penguin had pulled some tricks into getting a lot of children into buying there games. They also gave a code for the Club Penguin DS games that unlocked the EPF room. Now that room is available to all penguins. Do you think Club Penguin is ripping off children and taking there money?

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  • curbell

    I really like your photo blog

  • grand178

    i have a question i bought everything but i still do not have the stamp it is so annoying why is this?

  • adamkelly10

    Grand178 have you conquered the island as every team???
    If not you havent unlocked everything in the catalog then
    obviously you can’t get the stamp.

    Hope This Helps….

  • http://clubpenguin 1spongebob39

    i have earned my feed a white puffle but i dont no how to get it on the computer? can someone help me please.

  • i

    how do i get the sumo smash stamp?

  • aanaya

    there is no sumo smash stamp

  • Chicafrio

    I’m trying to get my stamps to Club Penguin from Game Day, but it’s not working!!! I’ve connected to the internet, synced my penguin, but it’s still not giving me my stamps. It’s really frustrating. Can anybody help???

  • springdale04

    how do you set up the wifi im confused

  • Driftzy

    Hey important question.. I have conquered red and blue and fed the white puffle and it says I have earned the stamp over the WII game. Yet it’s not on my club penguin account [the stamp], I have my WII setup to my WiFi + my penguin setup on the game, so im very confused.. help?