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A few days ago my friend, Red6872, discovered a huge new glitch on Club Penguin. I tried it for myself and apparently it works! Sadly, the glitch is only available for members due to the whole glitch having to do with a Green Hoodie and it’s currently not un-lockable. Below are the steps to completing this glitch.

  • Login Club Penguin
  • Go to any room
  • Wear your Green Hoodie with any colour
  • Dance by clicking the Dance Icon or by clicking ‘D’ on your keyboard

Club Penguin Green Hoodie Colour Glitch

After successfully complete those steps, you should get an image of the glitch below. For some reason, when you dance your penguin turns to a Colbat colour, which was the only available colour for penguins back in Penguin Chat. Just to let you know, this is NOT an edit. Try it for yourself, it’s 100% true! Hmm… is this going to become an official colour to Club Penguin in the future? Leave a comment and share your opinions with us!

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