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Club Penguin Stamp Book: Mystery Page Cheat!

Today on Club Penguin, I was earning some stamps by playing some games, and I opened up my stamp book. While I was looking around, I found something really cool that almost nobody knows. It’s a mystery page that’s inside your stamp book. This mystery page will be unlocked when you have collected all the stamps, and you might receive a reward or a free item. If you wish to find the mysteries page, follow these steps below: First, log on Club Penguin and open up your stamp book. Click on it, and your stamp book will appear. All your stamps will appear in your book.

On the contents page, you will see ‘Pins’ listed in the book. Now, on the right of the stamp book, you will a pins tab. Click on that, and it will take you to your pins page. On this page, it shows you all the pins you’ve collected on Club Penguin. If you have a lot of pins, you will see an arrow allowing you to scroll down to see more pins you’ve collected.

Click on the bottom of your stamp book to turn the page, once you’ve clicked it, it will take you to the mystery page.

There’s a big question mark in the middle of the page along with some penguins. I wonder what will happen in the future. It will take almost a year to complete this stamp book because we need all the stamps including the Club Penguin characters.

There’s only one question for you guys to answer: What do you think will be on this page? Leave a comment below telling us what you think will be on this page in the future!

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  • Ashley

    I think a few of you might have noticed already, but you DON’T have to earn every single stamp you can get to go to the mystery page. and you don’t have to go to ‘pins’ then click right page, you can just keep clicking the right page till you get to it.

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  • what happens but when you finish the stamp book?

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  • Sonic Mc

    Okay. I’ve been looking for somebody else who wonders what the secret page has on it. Maybe, it could be something called Master Stamps, which you could maybe collect after collecting all stamps. THIS IS JUST A THEORY!

  • announys

    my friend she got all stamps and knows what it is but i can’t tell you! until you say the riddle answer!

    no cheats no looking up the answers!

  • announys

    this word has seven letters,preeceed god, greater than god, more evil than the devil, all the poor people have it,wealthy people need it, if you eat it you will die!
    give up? if you don’t then guess!

    • ClubPenguin2


  • Alejandro

    this is cool!

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