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Since Sensei is here, and everyone really wants to be a ninja, I thought I’d post some cheats to become a ninja fast. I have found the ultimate cheat to becoming a ninja on Club Penguin FAST! And when I say fast, I mean fast. This glitch is amazing and 100% not cheating. You cannot get banned from it.

How to Become a Ninja On Club Penguin:

There are many ways to be a ninja on Club Penguin, but I have found a new technique which will make you a ninja really fast, without cheating!

Here’s how to do the Club Penguin ninja cheat:

1. Load your web browser up.

2. Open two separate tabs each at A message will appear that you have two tabs open.

3. Right click by where the tabs are and click on the button that says “Reload all Tabs.”

4. Log on to Club Penguin on two different penguins on the same server. Play yourself in Card-Jitsu.

5. Lose on purpose on one penguin so that your other penguin can be a ninja faster. Keep repeating this and you will be a black belt very fast.

Are you a ninja yet on Club Penguin? If you aren’t you should use this cheat. Also be sure to stay tuned for Card-Jitsu code giveaways!

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  • Gebze

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    • Alex

      Are you kidding me.I was looking for something more like a code you type in on the server choice,or something!

      • Loopy

        I think Alex is right for one.N1 Alex.

  • Ev 11

    Hey I can’t have 2 tabs open at the same time!

    • http://clubpenguin waddly

      it doesn’t work at all I agree

  • angus

    thx i cant have two tabs but i got two computers anywhay

  • Amsterdam605

    so!i dont care i became a ninja and fire ninja already!

    • i aint telling

      So? Im A Normal, Fire And Water Ninja :) and i have 265 stamps :D

  • PengDaGi 29

    If you want to open two tabs one is on another browser two is another browser…………

    Ex. PengDaGi 29 -MOZILLA FIREFOX
    Amsterdam605 – GOOGLE CHROME

    • Cutiealexa06

      Why didn’t that work for me???

      • http://clubpenguin waddly

        hey I really cant do reload all tabs

    • megananana

      It still says two can’t be opened…

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  • Cutiealexa06

    I can’t it said I cant have 2 different browser on the same time :(

  • meghan

    It still takes really long i want it to take a push of a button or something really fast.If anyone knows a better way please post it because i cant wait all year can I.

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  • http://clubpenguin ella33091

    thanks for the idea, of two i have two we pages open right now! i just saigned in first then i added a new page.So ill just make a new penguin lol!

  • touy

    yea me too

  • Lilly

    So basically I just create a another penguin then I will be able to load 2 tabs? Plz answer this for me. I am very confused right now!:(

  • RONN56791

    i tried this but when i went to a server and open another tab of cp it said you can only have one site og club penguin

  • Crm

    At 1:50 you can clearly see it says on the left: CHRISDOG93 and on the right it says: CHRIS DOG93!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FFFFFFFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • than

    but can you tell us another why instead of downloading something