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UPDATE: The person who gets the most people to subscribe to my Youtube and follow me on Twitter will get a free Club Penguin coin code! Tell all your friends! You will also have a better chance of winning a free membership if you tell more people. Post on your blog, website, Twitter, YouTube, anywhere you can!

Click here to go to Chrisdog93’s Twitter page! Follow me here.

Click here to go to Chrisdog93’s YouTube page! Subscribe me here.

We’re having an enormous giveaway for summer while we still have it! You won’t believe the prizes I’ve got to giveaway this time.

Free ONE YEAR Club Penguin Membership Card Giveaways!

I will be giving away 2 one year’s Club Penguin membership cards! That’s a whole year of playing and is worth 60 dollars. All you have to do is subscribe to my new YouTube channel, or follow me on Twitter (or both if you want twice the chance of winning)!

Here’s how to enter the Twitter one year membership contest:

1. Go sign up for a new Twitter account here if you don’t have one.
2. Go to Chrisdog93’s Twitter page. You can view Chrisdog93’s Twitter page here.
3. Click on the follow button at the top of the page. We will be giving out the one year Club Penguin membership when we reach 4000 followers.

Free ONE YEAR Club Penguin Membership Card Giveaways!

Here’s how to enter the YouTube one year membership contest:

1. Sign up for a YouTube account. You can click here to sign up.

2. Go to Chrisdog93’s YouTube page.
3. Click on the yellow subscribe button in the top left corner of the page. You are now eligible to win! We will announce the YouTube subscriber winner when we reach 1000 subscribers.

Free ONE YEAR Club Penguin Membership Card Giveaways!


1. Tell all of your friends. If your friend wins the contest and says that you were the one who told him about it, you will get a coin code for helping him find this giveaway.
2. Follow me and subscribe to me on more than one account. This means you have a more likely chance of me choosing your name.
3. Help us reach our goals faster so we can have the giveaway faster.

Good luck! This contest may last a while since we have such expensive giveaways for you! It’s easy and free to enter! Sign up for Twitter and YouTube and subscribe for my updates!

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