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We’ve been adding tons of new moderators to the Club Penguin CP team, and I think it’s time we add a bunch more! I need you guys to help me choose the new moderators though. Post a comment with who you think should be one of the new members of the Club Penguin CP moderator team.

We also will be looking at our posts to see which moderators have been doing a good job and which moderators have been slacking off. There will be tons of changes in the moderator team this weekend.

Click here to read the rules to becoming a Club Penguin CP mod.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I will be buddies with all the Club Penguin CP moderators? There’s tons more stuff you get to. Read all the things you get for being a CPCP mod here.

Please vote don’t vote for yourself Become the Club Penguin CP Moderator of the Day! You may also tell us which mods should be promoted to a higher Club Penguin CP moderator ranking.

Thanks for all your help and support! Vote by leaving a comment!

We will be posting all of the new Club Penguin CP moderators on my Twitter. Keep checking throughout this weekend. Be sure to follow me on Twitter to receive messages with the new Club Penguin CP moderators.

A FEW MINI PARTIES SOMETIME THIS WEEKEND! Follow me on Twitter so that you know when they are. I will also be chatting with viewers,

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  • Bored

    Coolbluebird is a good penguin

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    any one gives me hand me how to reset my hacked password on my blog? a guy cracked my facebook pass and got into my account …help please !

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    nice blog, just wonder if you help me to reset my blog password please? i don’t know if it was hacked by brazzers it self because it has some videos from their sites : (

  • Piiiinguuu

    I think Piee6060 could be a good moderator…

  • http://clubpenguin honeyisgood

    hi please i want to help i found some hackers and really wanted to catch them please i been doing this for years



  • Funky dude634

    I think D1230 should
    Be à Mod!

  • http://clubpenguin nawaf

    i think every on should be a moderator because there will be no fighting

  • BillyBob

    MAke MY Friend BillyBob2404 A moderator he is requesting me from years.

  • Ashraf

    I think my friend Hop777 Should be a Moderator Because he helps new user’s like he can give them a Tour and let them find the new pin and help them get free items from the Book Room!Hope you make him a Moderator.

  • Kelly

    Hi i am i mum and i have been impressed with club penguin my son was young when he as playing this through out the years he grew out of it as he got older he loved this so much so now wants to work in club penguin as a moderator he does not want to get paid he wants to do it for fun and help the kids his account is sky jet 3000 make it moderator.


    I think my friend sky jet 3000 Should be a Moderator Because he helps new user’s like he can give them a Tour and let them find the new pin and help them get free items from the Book Room!Hope you make him a Moderator

  • Litin

    I think sky jet 3000 should
    Be à Mod!

  • sky jet 3000

    Hi thanks guys for saying i should be a moderator hopefully they will choose me.

  • bubbad02

    dear chrisdog93 why did you quit cp?

  • donnie

    popsdonnie will be a great mod

  • Awesum6542

    I think Gigleflump should be a moderator because he is always on cp and is always helping the new penguins to find pins and to get free items so please put my friends penguin as a moderator.

  • http://clubpenguin jonathan

    I is awsom