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Click here to refresh the Penguin Band Tracker. This is Chrisdog93’s 100% accurate Penguin Band Tracker. I update this tracker every time I find Penguin Band. I find them every couple minutes, so keep refreshing this tracker for updates. Check back for Penguin Band’s location.

Club Penguin Band Tracker

Club Penguin Band Tracker

Current Status: Online (click to refresh)

Last seen in Server: Tracking, check my Twitter (click to refresh)

Last seen in Room: Backstage (click to refresh)

1. The Penguin Band Tracker is updated every few seconds and is very accurate. Click here to refresh the Penguin Band Tracker.

2. Penguin Band can only be found Backstage. Do not check other rooms, because they won’t be there.

3. The Penguin Band has four members: G Billy, Franky, Petey K, and Stompin’ Bob.

4. The Penguin Band is giving away a free autographed background.

5. The Penguin Band goes on crowded servers such as Blizzard, Mammoth, and Frozen during the most popular hours of each day for Club Penguin. Each time they logs in they spends from 15 to 20 minutes on each server.

6. The Penguin Band is always online when Club Penguin announces their arrival.

7. The Penguin Band always has crowds around them on Club Penguin. If you can’t see them, check the users in room list. Them name will be there and there will be a different icon next to it.

8. Check the users in room list for the famous penguins name. There will be a special icon next to their name. It will be much easier than finding them in a crowd because many penguins will be around them.

9. Check out the comment tracker. Click here to view my comment tracker.

10. Visit my Club Penguin Tracker chat. We have hundreds of penguins online at a time all looking for famous penguins. On my chat, we find the famous penguins every few minutes. Click here to go to my Club Penguin Tracker chat.

BONUS TIP: My Twitter page is the fastest updated famous penguin tracker. I update my Twitter faster than anywhere else, whenever I find a famous penguin. Click here to follow Chrisdog93 on Twitter!

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