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Ok, a lot of you have been asking to help on Well here’s your chance! You can become a ClubPenguinCP Moderator! It’s really simple, you can do it! Anyway, here are the rules:

1. If you want to become a ClubPenguinCP Moderator, whenever you post a comment ALWAYS leave your penguin name with (CPCP Mod) next to it.

2. When people ask questions in a comment, reply to them with a correct answer.

3. Keep your answers short and to the point. Make sure to be nice because no one likes a meanie Become a Moderator!

4. If you have any ideas for, post a comment with your idea! We may make you a moderator if your idea is good.

5. You can also congratulate other penguins who win contests or new Moderators.

6. Leave comments on posts with your feedback. We always want to know what you think.

7. Tell a friend about! We want more people to know about our Club Penguin cheats! We may make you a moderator if you tell enough people about this site.

8. When you stop posting comments or break one of the comment rules, you may be removed as a ClubPenguinCP Moderator.

9. The more comments that you post, the higher your rank as a ClubPenguinCP Moderator.

10. All ClubPenguinCP Moderators will be sent an email with a time to meet Chrisdog93 secretly on Club Penguin. You will be added to my buddy list!

11. Mods will also be able to be Moderators in the ClubPenguinCP chat on my secret site.

12. New rules may be added to this page at anytime so check back.

Here is a list of all the Club Penguin CP Moderators:

President: Chrisdog93

Designer: Jmann93

Chrisdog Mod: Matthew722

Top Mod: Marine A23

Super Mod: Saavy

Super Mod: Monkeydude

Super Mod: 3jel97

Moderator: Loki Terry

Moderator: Zxz182

Moderator: Gamer12356

Moderator: Zecktroid

Moderator: Eunes

Moderator: Slippey50833

I will be adding more mods soon! I may also remove mods if they stop posting comments or break one of the comment rules.

Those are all of the rules. Thanks for your help! Don’t worry if you don’t get added right away. If you work at it hard enough, I promise you will be a Moderator! Keep trying, okay?

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  • johnnydepp31

    i would like to be in this process because all my friends know about it because of me!!!! :D

  • http://google ben88259

    I want to be a moderator too!I won’t break these rules in my life.

  • http://hotmail Emu 5050

    I want to be a mod cause my friends are getting bored of club penguin so I want to help them by being a mod in any way I can.

  • Liz Earle (CPCP Mod)

    I wish to be become a mod because im great fun and I wish to help others in need, fingers crossed i’ll make it onto the list… Lol, Hi Chrisdog if u see this :3, i’ll keep in touch.

    Liz Earle x.

  • lop2009

    I’d like to be a mod. Please allow me to become an mod! :D I’m also very responsible :)

  • 1penguintime

    i want to mod because i help other people in club penguin when they need help

  • 1penguintime

    t club penguin because it so nice place,and my other penguin is P o n g

  • 1penguintime

    i hope you like my comment

  • gily03

    ok I will

  • Misspooky CPCP Mod

    Okay I will! :)

  • boyp2

    I wanna be one