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Update: The code has been redeemed, possibly by more than one person! Do not try to enter the code, it has been used.

Below is the code to unlock membership on Club Penguin. This code may only be used once, and may have been used by a penguin who came to faster.

Membership Code: 4269 9647 7304 6557

Club Penguin Membership Code

Was it you who won? Who entered the code? Congratulations whoever it is! I’ll be having giving more away soon!

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  • Mizathel

    Please give me oneeeee~~!!!

  • tuziiii

    can i have a member code pin pls
    i need a membership

  • alton

    can i have membership pl.

  • Tresor Jackson

    can I have a membership code pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease !

  • poobear2449

    can you give me a 12 month membership please

  • Unkown

    please give me a membership code that is not used!

  • Unkown