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Hey guys. Want in on the backstage, or want to buy the new clothing items? Ever wanted to decorate your igloo? Here’s your chance! I am going to be hosting a club penguin cheats contest!

To win this contest, guess the correct club penguin room in the following picture.

Free Club Penguin Membership

When you have decided which room it is, post a comment with your guess for a chance to win.

The winner of the club penguin cheats contest will receive a free membership for club penguin.

I do not need your password. Leave your email address. I will send the game card code to it.

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  • Alankrith

    its he mine shack

  • Alankrith

    its the mine shack

  • ac

    mine shack

  • jake

    it is the dojo

  • jana

    It’s the out side of the mine!

  • http://itstheoutsideofthemine jana

    It’s the out side of the mine shack!

  • alvar

    men is so easy is the mine shack my email is

  • aaa

    its the outside of the mine shack.

  • http://cool Balls


  • Anastasia

    I think that the image shows the outside of the mine shack.
    My email is


  • John

    I am pretty sure it is the mine shack. I love club penguin so much!!! This has already been won probably but i just wanted to enter for fun.

  • John

    Wait I know it is your igloo isn’t it!

  • http://763247 Vini58049

    I can give you an Club Penguin Acount with all secret Agent medals and everything else and you give me free membership

  • http://itsthemine vedubarbie

    i just got it

  • brumett

    outside mine shack

  • cute7blue

    outside mineshack

  • Gem

    The Mine? please answer now!

  • capspidermandaniel

    the mine

  • capspidermandaniel

    when it was longer ago i think

  • pinguliis323

    the map

  • Lauren

    the mine !!!! XXXX

  • raiz

    Its the iceberg

  • marisa


  • sophia


  • Merihan Ghallab