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How To Find The Club Penguin Band

The autographed background is only for members, because the Club Penguin Band is only found in the Backstage on different servers. When you click the box on any one of their player cards, you will receive an autographed background. Here is a picture of the drummer, G Billy. The box is where the buddy request should be.

Need help finding them? Here are some tips to find them easier.

  • Always look in only the Backstage room. They are always there.
  • Check in the servers with more bars. The band is in the more popular servers.
  • The band will always be with each other. They are all in the same server.
  • Only check if you are a member. Non members can’t get into the Backstage.

The Penguin Band was last seen in the server: Avalanche, Backstage.

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  • So its a bit like Aunt Arctic, you have to be a member to see The Penguin Band… Sigh I was never a member…

  • Sighz you always have to be a member to earn stamps I wish I was a member so I could acess more.

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  • Dgh

    U dnt have to be memba i not and i saw dem!! Dotk!!!

  • Appele

    I was trying to tell everyone on CP that you have to find them, but they kept yelling at me. They were so mean! “GET OFF THE STAGE!” “YOU WON’T GET A STAMP!” That’s what they were saying to me! :(

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