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The Secret Ninjas on Club Penguin

Hello penguin’s!
So first off I would like to point out how bazzare the new ninja egg is!
This might possibly give us a sign of a new beginning to ninja’s on CP?
Here is a animation of the egg.
It is very hard to catch if your still trying out the hunt.
This is an indication of a ninja clothing appearence soon!
If you believe there is ninja’s take this poll to vote on what you think!
Here is a made up ninja penguin that is to believe to be a ninja:
There has always been a very big suspicion of ninja’s.
We dont know if CP will ever bring them out, but they might do so soon!
What do you believe ninja’s look like?
I believe there very cool clothing and have like awesome ninja swords.
There is a lot of things to look at around the CP sites which demonstrate what they think ninja’s are.
I have e-mailed CP like a dozen time’s and there response is always the same thing.
They say there not able to give out info and are not willing to discuss it anymore. 😆
So anyways if you believe in ninja’s remember that they might be real.
I believe the dojo will become like a ninja room where you can buy outfits for your ninja penguin.
Ninja’s are believed to walk on walls and more!
Here is an animation of a ninja dancing on walls:
This is to believed to be like hacking so if you attempted to do this do not do so.
Here are some place’s where ninja shadows have appeared:
2. In the light house,
by the net.
Well that is all for now.
Here is a banner I made for ninja’s:
Also click here for the NINJA PAGE:
That is all for now!

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