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New 2005-2006 Club Penguin Yearbook and Poll

Hey Everyone! A new Yearbook was recently released in the Book Room (The top floor of the Coffee Shop). It has all of the things that happened in all of 2005-2006 on Club Penguin. It shows Pins, Parties, and more. Use this link for the SWF of the 2005-2006 Yearbook:

The Yearbook is located on the Book Shelf in the Book Room:


The Yearbook also has the Pins that came out each month for every month of 2005-2006. The Pins are Hidden and you have to Click on certain things to get them to appear. If you Click on the Title “March” it will show you the First Pin that came out about 2 years ago today in March of 2006. It is the Clover Pin.


The Yearbook also has Pictures about all of the Parties that went on during 2005-2006.
Here are all of the pictures from the Parties of 2005-2006:

October 2005: Penguins from the Beta Testing Party:


December 2005: Penguins from the Christmas Party:


January 2006: Penguins play the Limbo at the Winter Luau:


April 2006: The Easter Party:


June 2006: The Summer Party:


July 2006: Cowboys from the Western Party:


August 2006: Hockey Players from the Sports Party:


The Yearbook also tells about how New Rooms were Built and when they were built.

November 2005: The Sport Shop opens:


February 2006: Pizza Parlor is Built:


May 2006: Boiler Room and Mine are Built:


September 2006: Construction on the Lighthouse is Finished:


There are many more Party pictures so make sure to check out the new Yearbook. It is really cool and has really nice graphics.

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