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Club Penguin Beta Testers!

Hey everyone. I have been playing club penguin for over 800 days now and have been searching to find all the beta testers. Every time I see a beta tester on club penguin I write his penguin name down. Here is a list of every beta tester I have ever seen and probably ever will.

If you know any other beta testers please post a comment stating their penguin name. Thank you and I hope to find out every single beta tester.

12penguin, 743, 8stoplight8, ACE, ALI, andykohl, aqua link, aing (thanks to jake), aspicture, Atar, Art Vandelay, America, acti0n, Awer123, Army 40, BrAnDoN, Banditt, Bad Boy, bikeboy93, bulletwolf, beepbob, bob, Billybob, BBBOnline (thanks to Inphinye), buba12345, Boomerang10, Big balla (debated by Inphinye), Browie Town, bull (thanks to mystery), Billie Joe, Billboard (thanks to ui7yuyu), Big RED, Black Sumo, BuNny, Benoit, blossom8888 (thanks to Inphinye), coco, Cepin10, Clone, Ciara M, commander k, Carazy7, Clayton, coolguy, Charze, camper 2, Celtic Jock, Computer, C00l, Caveman4, Chewit Dude, Dude19, diva1, Drake Bell, dawy1 psi, Dragon, diva, Emmy354, fano, Fireboy14, frenchfrie, finediva, Frenzen, food, Frimmen, fazdaman, frimmen, Football, FRED, Gronnie, Green, Groundhog, Gizmo, Game boy7, Gertallub, Greenday, Ham4, Hannah252, helen 2k5, Happy77, hapLANDER, Iglooman123, Ice Blaze1, ian, Icecube 360, JaMeS, joe, Jordan414, Juwo, Jeremy, Jar, Jeff, joejoe, Jiffy Boy, Justin555, Jedii, KellyM, kenboy765, Kentpet (thanks to mrwaterbird), kewl, kolbster, Knuckles, KURT ANGLE, kewl man44, Kappy44 (debated by ui7yuyu), lil cutie26,liltickoff101, liZaRD MaN, Light, lotion, LecraE, lax 5 (thanks to mr waterbird), Lalio2y4i, Lucky Lips, little wolf, little Dalek, Mace, Mckinnonmac, munkygrl, marty, mike jones, Monkey, Moody, Megatron, ManNBA, Mr Hockey,Mr Waterbird, Mike 92, Music 408, mx70, Mcdonalds, Marczoid95, neatntidy, newman, nll fan, norgit, norp, nato, ortan, ProBo, paugain, Politepanda, Penguin1503, Paper, protagonist, Penguin, Penguin1, Penguins, punk572, Photo, Power, Penguin8, ParisHilton, pengwin, Princess Haz, penguin247g, Pear24, pauguin, Qwe Poi, rsnail, ridrid44, Rozman, Redravn, RancidKraut, Screenhog, Slowpoke, storm, shapsi, sweetbirdie8, stefy73, sauska029, Shnap Dog, super1, Sanity1, Someguy43, Secretcode6, Stcupp, Starkat77, tallgirl, Trot Along, terrace, think pink, Tux, Taco, Texas, twinz, Theoutfit1, Timberstone, Turtlegirl7, Terzaguin, Tundrafluff, Waterboy, yellowsubmarine, zipi23, Zman, Zach55, Zach592

New Video Coming Tommorow!

Hey Everyone! I am working on an awesome video to one of my favorite songs! Its going to be an awesome video! I’m not going to tell you guys what its going to be about yet because I want to make it be more exciting when you first see it. Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out the awesome new video that I’m going to add.

Header Shop Page

I have been debating to open up a Header Shop Page. It would take a lot of work but it would be worth it if you guys would like it. Do you think It would be a good idea? I think it could help a lot of penguins out with their headers for their Blogs. I like to make headers and people have told me that I am good at them so I was wondering if I should share them with you guys. Tell me if you think I should make a Headers Page.

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Here are some of the Headers that I have made so far(Click to Enlarge):





600 comments to Club Penguin Beta Testers!

  • Fly

    Sonic x

  • I am on club penguin I just became a BETA tester it is fun !!!

  • “Kyle” is a beta tester

  • hello!

  • superbradx10

    how do you be a beta tester what is a beta tester

  • im a beta tester but i was wondering if your a beta tester do you get a reward for being one

  • hi

  • Pokemon1310

    Burbey is a hacked beta

  • Jjcabc is a beta tester he is just as rare as gizmo, he made it with rsnail, and if you wanna find him all you do is go on sleet dock and if you are lucky enough he will be there, he records aswell, that why he so rare.

  • Spike622

    Spike622 is a beta tester

  • Cena12121 is another beta tester. there are too many testers to list.

  • ?????

    Jimjalen45 is a beta tester

  • OldCpify

    WHAT ABOUT Guzzardo?

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