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Club Penguin Orange Life Vest

Hey guys there is a new free item at the Beach. The free item at the Beach is an Orange Life Vest! It is really cool so make sure to get it. Rockhopper brought it with him! The Migrator is not here though he brought it on the row boat! Check it out:



In other words does anyone know what is going on with Rockhopper? Billybob said it has to do with something next month. Check out what he said:

Hello Penguins!

If you haven’t seen the telescope lately, you should definitely check it out! It looks like Rockhopper ran into an iceberg and his ship is slowly sinking. Don’t worry, he and Yarr, seem to be OK and it looks like they’re slowly rowing toward the island. I’m sure we’ll find out more when he gets here. I can tell you that this is NOT connected to the mission, it has to do with some fun events happening next month! I would love to hear what you think it could be!

Speaking of the mission, you will have to play Mission 5 before you can play this new one because they are connected. You will want to do it right away because the new mission will be coming out soon!
Until then… Waddle On!

– Club Penguin Team

What do you think about Rockhopper? What do you think he will bring?

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